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Name:Mr. Ahmad Chairudin ES [Marketing]
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Phone Number:62-21-83701838 ext.223
Fax Number:62-21-8309417
Address:Jl. Dr. Saharjo Np. 161
Jakarta 12860, Jakarta
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Registration Date:Jun. 08, 2006
Last Updated:Jun. 08, 2006
Business Nature:Service of Business Services category

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PT ASURANSI TAKAFUL UMUM a General Insurance company with Profit Sharing Scheme ( Mudharabah) . We would like to serve you by offering our SURETY BOND for support your need to bidding in the Production Sharing Contractors of PERTAMINA, Beyond Petroleum ( BP) , DEPKEU, Wijaya Karya, CALTEX PACIFIC, VICO, UNOCAL, BADAK, PETROCHINA, etc. As an alternative of Bank Guarantee according to Departemen Keuangan RI ( DEPKEU RI) decree No.S.4205/ LK/ 2003 and PERTAMINA decree No.077/ COOO/ 2000-SO as the guidelines for applying and supplying goods/ services for Oil and Gas Industry in Indonesia.
Furthermore, we would like propose our quotation with Benefit and Profit as follows : Services Excellent, Quick Delivery, Unconditional Bond, Contract Compliance, International Re-insurance Back Up, Reliable in Security, Competitive in Premium, Non Collateral, Accepted in Contractors of Production Sharing Contractors of PERTAMINA, Mudharabah/ Profit Sharing Scheme ( return estimation : ± 10% from Service Charge) .
We also making Liability Insurance such as : Workmen’ s Compensation Act ( WCA) , Comprehensive General Liability ( CGA) , Employers Liability Insurance ( ELI) dan Automobile Third Party Liability ( ATPL) .
1. Takaful General Insurance, PT>
a. Individual Product :
- Takaful Vehicle Insurance ( Abror)
- Takaful Fire Standard Insurance ( Baituna)
- Takaful Buglary Insurance
- Takaful Personal Accident
b. Corporate Product :
- Takaful Machinery Insurance
- Takaful Electronics Equipment Insurance
- Takaful Property All Risk
- Takaful Cash In Transit
- Takaful Cash In Save
- Takaful Construction Engineering
- Takaful Neon Sign Insurance
- Takaful Liability
- Takaful Cargo Insurance
- Takaful Surety Bond ( Bid Bond; Performance Bond; Advance Payment Bond; Maintenance Bond)
2. Takaful Life Insurance, PT.
a. Individual Product :
- Takaful Education Fund ( Fulnadi)
- Takaful Investation ( Takafulink)
- Takaful Healty Programme - Multi Benefit ( Falah)
- Takaful Personal Accident ( Al-Khairat)
- Takaful Hajj Fund
- Takaful Wakaf
b. Corporate Product :
- Takaful Family Care
- Takaful Corporate Healty ( FulMedicare)

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